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Hiding in Theaters
and other Stories

A Story Collection by Frederick Harrison

Copyright 2017 by Frederick Harrison



Readers familiar with my Intelligence Community novels will find, except for one story, a different experience in this collection. In between writing and publishing the novels over the span of almost ten years, Iíve been writing shorter pieces of fiction about subjects and characters deliberately different, both as a change-of-pace and because my interest and attention were caught by a subject or individual I found intriguing.  Katherine Penny, a principal character in the title novella (for example), is based on the experiences of a plucky young woman who managed a neighborhood movie theater I frequent.  Although the context, characters, and events in Hiding In Theaters are fictional, she refused to speak to me for more than two years after experiencing the shock of recognition upon reading an early, partial draft.  The good news is that she ultimately won out in real life, as she does in my story.

An Alford Plea, also a fictionalized version of an essentially true story, is a cautionary tale. A college student dubiously accused of a sex crime is offered probation (no jail time) and other concessions, if he will plead guilty.  Avoiding the prospective pitfalls of a trial, however, obscures the fact that accepting conviction will risk adversely affecting his future, whether incarcerated or not, in addition to leaving him at the mercy of prosecutorial authorities.

At the end of the collection, you will find The War at Seven, a story about a young boy in Brooklyn dealing with the impact on his life of the Pearl Harbor attack and the countryís sudden descent into war. Although fictionalized somewhat (necessitated, among other things, by failing memory), the story is largely true; the boy was me.

While there is no unifying theme, most of my stories deal, not always seriously, with people (usually bright ones) attempting to make their way in this modern, highly strung, digitally-connected world. In the Universal Toka-Woka, they are trying to deliver fast food over the Internet; in The New Rules, an NYPD patrolman faces New Years Eve duty in Times Square in the presence of a vague terrorist threat; and, in #TheJesusApp, three prospective computer science graduates search for an application that could be the next Facebook or Twitter, and make them rich. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


Hiding in Theaters
and other Stories

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